Cinema festival in Sevilla


A group of people has overtaken an activity that promotes maths. In a square in Sevilla they’ve put a screen and some chairs. They’re going to put some films related with maths. We leave a list of the films that are going to be shown down below.

1. A brilliant mind

The main character Is John Nash, a well known mathematician winner of a Nobel. This film shows the psicological problems and his hard work to finally be recognised.

2. I.Q.

A man falls in love with Albert Einstein’s nephew, to conquer her he tries to look like a famous physic, even though he isn’t. This film is about problems related with physics and maths.

3. The number 23

The main subject in this is the number 23. The main character, Jim Carrey, is going to do everything he cans to prove that the number 23 follows him.

4.Good Will Hunting

A janitor from the Massachussets Institute of Technology is very good at maths. But he receives help from a psychologist that would tell him how to improve his life and take advantage of his intelligence.


A maths genius creates a computer that knows the secrets of the world , but this power attracts villians who want to get it for them.

6.Stand and Deliver

The main character is a math’s teacher in a Hispanic neighborhood, who helps young and problematic people to learn. In these way he helps them escaping from a complicated life, teaching them what he best knows.

7.Breaking the code

Alan Turing was a well known mathematic who invented the computer language and decoded the secret computer language of the Germans in the WW2- He was discriminated because of his homosexuality.

8.Fermat‘s room

The four main characters are all mathematicians who are assembled to solve a maths problem. While they sove the problem the walls of the room get closer and if they don’t solve the problem, they die.

9. 21

A group of students and a math teacher design a mathematic system to win the blackjack in Las Vegas. The whole process is based on complex math problems with which they achieve an objective, paying the university.

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